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Here's the official bio...

I run a successful Coaching Practice for Top Leaders, based in Geneva Switzerland

My full name is Pierre-Laurent Verdon but most people call me Pilo. 

I have 20 years of global leadership experience within a large industrial equipment manufacturer (Fortune 100). Leading a global team, I have served as a Sales and Marketing Director with teams operating in every continent in the world.

I have a proven track record in engaging teams to drive change and deliver results. Throughout my career, I have continuously developed my leadership skills in emotional intelligence, team dynamics and collective intelligence, individual and team coaching.

My experience in leading a business makes me a strong partner to executives, business leaders and HR Professionals to increase team engagement and performance through individual and team coaching as well as leadership training and development.

I am trained and certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC) and PCC certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Here's the real bio...

I struggled with school, lost my best friend, want to be a rock star... still today!

Although most people did not see it, I had a complicated relationship with school, dreamed of being a rock star as a teenager and still hold that dream in my heart today. When I was in my 20s, my best friend committed suicide... and I have felt a pain in my chest since then.

I had my share of dealing with dependencies such as recognition and power. When working for a certain type of leader, I became my own shadow and decided to break free... yes, freedom is my strongest value.

I had no clue what I would do when I left my job... walked in the mountains for 3 days and prayed what I was supposed to do on Earth... I heard the answer inside me... coaching was my path.

I need a vision to thrive in my life... and mine is HUGE: world peace starting from within.

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