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Scale the power of individual coaching to your entire organization

Bring individual coaching to your entire team and benefit from all the proven benefits of coaching throughout your entire organization.

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Who is this for?

Any leader who wants to bring the power of individual coaching to all one's team members

What challenges does this address?

​A long lasting cultural change through transformation to improve interpersonal relationships, sense of purpose and performance:

  • MORE LEADERSHIP: clear vision, better communication, decision making, inspiration

  • MORE CREATIVITY... and innovation as people will offer their diversity to the team

  • MORE MOTIVATION... and autonomy as people are empowered, daring and re-connected to themselves

  • MORE LISTENING ... and curiosity will bring better collaboration and team climate

  • LESS STRESS: More emotional intelligence and clarity of purpose will reduce stress levels

What is the solution?

The solution is a program to provide individual coaching to all your leaders and/or team members. We provide a list of certified professional coaches for your team members to choose from. We onboard them through a plenary kick-off sessions. We coach them for a period of time (3 to 12 months). We track progress and measure results. We review together the impact of the program.

How does it work?

  1. We design a coaching solution just for you and your team

  2. We digitally on-board, deploy and measure results

  3. We provide a unique coaching experience

  4. We review results and develop next phase together (as needed)

Your investment

Minimum investment would be 2'000CHF/Coachee (excl. VAT) for a team of at least 12 People over a period of 6 months

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Client Testimonials


After 1 year of Covid and lockdown, I felt the team’s fatigue and lack of creativity: people had been working very hard, but were getting a feeling of ’too much’ and struggled to find their balance. It was important to me as a manager to find a way to give them space to take care of themselves with confidentiality and total freedom. I also wanted them to bring their unique self and fully express themselves at work.

As we engaged in a discussion, CS Collective were very sharp in understanding and formulating our needs as a team and individually. Working with them we could design a program adapted to our needs. 

As a result, despite the current job market dynamics, we are seeing record retention levels with our Tech talents, we are observing more meaningful career discussions with employees in the program and Product Innovation is back

Guillaume de Vitton, Caterpillar Global Product Director

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