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Leadership Paradox I

The Paradox of First Time Leaders

Being appointed as a first time leader can be both exhilarating (just been promoted) and daunting (what am I supposed to do now?). When a promotion is strongly desired, the newly appointed leader may enthusiastically endorse the manager’s suite… only to realize he or she is not being followed. When a promotion is offered, the perspective to lead may be overwhelming. Have you taken a moment to reflect? Are you going in the right direction? How relaxed and confident do you feel? What leader are you becoming?

As former leaders and coaches of leaders, we know this is a strategic time in your leadership journey. We also know it can be a very lonely time. This is why we created this leadership group program: The paradox of first time leaders.

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Who is this for?

  • 1st line supervisors recently appointed in a leadership position 

  • 1st line supervisors who want to enhance their leadership skills or improve team engagement 

  • Leaders of leaders who want to set their supervisors for success 

  • HR managers who want to better support leaders or help improve people engagement 

  • Any leader who wishes to take some time to assess the different components of their role

What challenges does this address?

  • We know stepping up as a leader is a challenge in a career: around 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months (according to a study by the Centre for Creative Leadership)

  • Most leaders lack training in the right skills (shifting from expert of topic to expert of people)

  • Newly appointed leaders tend to approach leadership with the wrong expectations

What is the solution?

  • 8 interactive live webinars of 90 minutes : each month, a new topic is studied with a highly engaging coaching approach and a mix of leadership insights, group discussions and self-reflection (6 modules charted below + introduction and closure) 

  • 3 hours (3 or 4 sessions) of individual coaching for each participant spread over the course of the program 

  • 3 mastermind circles : 60 minutes of powerful live group discussions to deepen the learnings of the program

  •  A learning platform where participants share and discuss between sessions, find additional resources on each topic, and do some prework to actively prepare for each webinar

  • ... ALTERNATIVELY, we can also deliver an intensive version of this program face to face in 4 half day sessions

How will it work in 2024?

Remote Program (100% live on-line)

9:00am (CET) French speaking Program

2:30pm (CET) English speaking Program

  • Oct 1st 2024, Introduction (90mn) – Includes a section on how to maximise your coaching time

  • Oct 15th 2024, Paradox 1 (90mn): Me or Team: should I take care of me or my team first?

  • Nov 5th 2024, Mastermind 1 (1h Group Coaching)

  • Nov 19th 2024, Paradox 2 (90mn):  Leading or Working: if I lead all the time, when do I get my work done?

  • Dec 3rd 2024, Paradox 3 (90mn):  Helping or Judging: if I develop people, how can I also evaluate them?

  • Dec 17th 2024, Mastermind 2 (1h Group Coaching)

  • Jan 7th 2025, Paradox 4 (90mn):  Today or Tomorrow: am I supposed to focus on short-term or long-term?

  • Jan 21st 2025, Paradox 5 (90mn):  Adapt or Control: if things keep changing, how can I control anything?

  • Feb 4th 2025, Mastermind 3 (1h Group Coaching)

  • Feb 18th 2025, Paradox 6: Authentic or Political: if I handle politics, how can I be authentic?

  • Mar 4th 2025, Conclusion (90mn)

  • Throughout: 3 hours of coaching individually planned for each participant

Your investment

Super early bird: 1'300CHF* (register by Apr 30th)

Early bird: 1'500CHF* (register by May 31st)

Standard: 1'900CHF* (register by July 12th)

* This is the price by participants excluding VAT

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Client Testimonials


This training is such an amazing support for our entire team. We can see so many positive changes already, especially in terms of engagement, self-reflection, positive leadership.

Barbara Lax, CEO & Founder, Little Green House

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Register now!

Please choose the program you wish to register for based on the information provided above. 2 options are available:

  • Remote, French speaking 9:00am (CET)

  • Remote, English speaking 2:30pm (CET)

Register by July 12th 2024* (maximum number of participants limited to 15 in each class)

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The team behind this solution


Lena Moll

Certified Coach

Lena is a leadership coach, facilitator, trainer and mediator who is guided through life by following her joy and her drive for purpose. For 16 years, she worked with the UN and other International Organizations where she supported leaders on all levels to bring out the best in themselves and their teams and thereby create a more effective, enabling, and kinder work environment, better equipped to meet the world’s challenges.

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Isabelle Verdon

Certified Coach

Isabelle is a certified leadership coach with 15 years of theatrical practice and a management degree from a top French business school. Her mission is to support her clients to be authentic leaders at work and in their lives, starting from within. She has experience in communication, marketing, teaching, training and coaching and has lived and worked in many countries. She is the co-founder of Leadership-paradox©.


Pilo Verdon

Certified Coach

Pilo (Pierre-Laurent Verdon) has 25 years of global leadership experience. He has practiced leadership for 20 years in a fortune 100 company. In 2020, he started his leadership coaching company to provide leaders with time and space to create newness in the world. He has focused his work on coaching gifted leaders with a strong sense of purpose. He is the founder of and the co-founder of leadership-paradox©

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