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You are in a role of influence or top leadership position with responsibility for the P&L of your organization and / or at least two layers of leaders reporting to you. You have an exciting and ambitious vision, want to see it happen in the world in a way that is fully aligned with your values.

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Executive: Services

Our solutions for your role

Paradox III

Highly reflective, creative, value based executives who will have candid conversations and give you the kind of input you can't buy anywhere!

An Executive Group Coaching program designed by Executives for Executives! This program runs with 12 Executives over a period of 12 months. It mixes peer learning, individual coaching and mentoring.

For who? Executives with minimum two levels of leadership reporting to them and ideally responsible for the P&L of their organization

Your investment: Minimum 4'500 CHF (excl. VAT)


Life Coaching One-On-One to design the life you want

Imagine you are able to progress on your wildest dream over a 12 months period of time, while still managing all your current responsibilities. Imagine you have someone with a wide range of leadership capabilities holding your focus to make your dream happen. Imagine you have total and complete trust with that person and can bring your full self into that relationship.

For who? Anyone in an Executive role or position of influence with talent, creativity, ambition and BIG dreams

Your investment: Minimum 50'000 CHF (excl. VAT)  for 12 months


Working with you, the CEO, and your Executive Committee to build a team for legacy.

We combine our years of corporate experience, executive coaching and team coaching as well as top level mentoring to help you transform your dynamic at the top. It all starts from the top...

For who? CEO and Executive Committee

Your investment: Bespoke solution after an interview with the CEO

Executive: Services
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