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Coaching your team to reveal its potential

A journey to create connections and trust in your team, determine your coaching goals and create a team dynamic that will not only deliver results but also create a long term impact and legacy beyond that team

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Who is this for?

Anyone in a leadership position who wants to embark on a coaching journey with one's team

What challenges does this address?

  • Lack of trust and connections: one of the biggest challenges most teams face is a lack of connection between team members (not knowing one another, no genuine interest in working with one another) and absence of psychological safety (not having a safe space to express oneself without fearing the risk of repercussions for their thoughts and ideas). The absence of trust has increased as remote working has accelerated over the last few years.

  • Lack of healthy debates: With absence of psychological safety, teams tend to avoid debating and innovating. This results in disengagement at the expense of the team's potential. Handling healthy conflict is a skill that can be learned by a team.

  • Lack of accountability: Along with poor safety and sometimes a lack of clarity on the team's shared vision and purpose, teams don't commit, demonstrate poor accountability and loose their sight on the team's general objective. This inevitably results in a gap between the management's expectations and the team's performance.

What is the solution?

Team coaching is a very similar experience to individual coaching, except that the coach will work with the entire team as a system rather than just an individual. This may be really effective to work with an entire team rather than just the leader of the team.

A team coaching journey happens in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Team's input

  • Phase 2: Team's reveal

  • Phase 3: Team's coaching

How does it work?

Phase 1 Team's Input: in that phase, various ways will help understand where the team is at​. This step can involve a team's survey, a number of interviews with team members and possibly other stakeholders, a team assessment to form a team's picture (DISC, MBTI, Team 360...).

Phase 2 Team's Reveal: during a workshop, the team will create connections, develop their trust in one another and formulate clear goals and expectations for their coaching journey.

Phase 3 Team's coaching: this may happen over a series of workshops or visio conferences (for remote teams) and lead to a final workshop to review the progress and accomplishments from the team.

Your investment

Minimum 20'000CHF (excl. VAT) for a 6 months journey

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Client Testimonials


I was initially unsure if the virtual coaching approach was going to work but it sure did! Pilo and Emilie connected very well with the team despite being remote.  Through their support, the team emerged stronger and there were evidently greater connectedness not only at a professional but personal level.  To that end, they were able to share their vulnerabilities in a trusted environment as Emilie & Pilo consistently work the team to get out of their comfort zone.  I would personally recommend anyone to embark in this team coaching journey if you are not already considering because the results are going to pay off now and in the long run.

Cindy Goh, Growth & Strategy Manager, Caterpillar

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