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Life Coaching One-On-One to design the life you want

Imagine you are able to progress on your wildest dream over a 12 months period of time, while still managing all your current responsibilities. Imagine you have someone with a wide range of leadership capabilities holding your focus to make your dream happen. Imagine you have total and complete trust with that person and can bring your full self into that relationship.

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Who is this for?

Anyone with talent, creativity, ambition and BIG dreams

What does it mean to work with me?

Coaching is at the heart of this engagement. This means there will be some things I do (which belong to coaching) and some I don’t (which would void the coaching nature of the engagement)

What is included...

  • prepare and follow-up our calls (including research, sharing of resources, summaries…)

  • offer various assessments (DISC, Motivators, 360, team coaching, team engagement)

  • coach you (remotely, face to face indoor and outdoor, in a retreat format, in various contexts), occasionally mentor

  • coach your whole team, associates, couples, families, occasionally train leaders

  • brainstorm with energy and creativity

  • connect with network (if relevant)

  • add resources to my team to go even further

What is not included...

  • admin work

  • manage projects

  • consult / tell you what to do / advise

  • take over (this is your dream, not mine)

What is the solution?

Working on you dream in a coaching format can be...

  • Personal: create a side business, write a book, change career, renew an important relationship, take a year off, stop a dependency…

  • Business: launch an innovative product or service, reach ultimate engagement with an executive team, reach your next level in your career, invest purposefully, leave a legacy…

How does it work?

We have 26 scheduled calls. We work on building resonance and action towards your inspiring goals. We surface what you really want, not just what you think you want. And we handle the blocks and limiting beliefs that arise on your journey. This Program includes what I call Virtually Unlimited Coaching. When you need more time we make it happen.

  • We explore

    • Your biggest and wildest dream 1 year from now

    • We sense and feel how we can work together to support your dream

    • We determine the project, scope, goals, expected value

    • We clarify the type of interactions we will have together and potentially with your team

  • We co-create

    • We agree on a schedule... this will be your dedicated time

    • We decide how the time will be used, what interactions we will have

    • Each quarter we review where we are

  • We celebrate

    • At the end of the year, we review where you are vs. your initial dream

    • We take stock of all the wins, progress, success and results

    • We review all the challenges, blocks, limitations still existing at that time

    • We celebrate!

    • We explore your next dream, your next journey

Your investment

Minimum 50'000 CHF (excl. VAT)  for 12 months

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