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Tiny leadership message is back!

This summer, we walked as a family on the Santiago Path for 7 days. We walked about 100km of the 1600km to reach Santiago. Once again, I...

How lonely is it up there?

In a series of articles, we will discuss about the shocking truth about the silent struggles of top Executives.

What do you mean by "values"?

The first time I heard about "values" in a coaching context, it was part of a training I received in my former company. I was...

Escaping the “bored-room”

$399 billion is the cost of poorly organized meetings in the US. Get ready to save time and do the things that really matter!


As a Leaders you cannot lead your team to success without trust... no trust, no thrust. Discover ways to increase trust in your team.

My happy place for coaching

Coaching is all about listening. To listen well, the coach has to be fully available. Full availability requires mental and physical...

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