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Leadership Coaching One-On-One to become the leader you want to be

A coaching package to help you assess where you are as a leader, define your own goals, develop leadership skills to become the leader you want to be.

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Who is this for?

Anyone in a leadership position

What challenges does this address?

  • Balancing Life & Work: Leaders often feel stretched in finding the right balance between their personal and professional life

  • Managing Change and Uncertainty: Leaders often face the challenge of navigating rapid change and uncertainty in the business environment.

  • Building and Leading High-Performing Teams: Developing and managing high-performing teams is a critical challenge for leaders.

  • Balancing Stakeholder Expectations: leaders often encounter the challenge of balancing the expectations and demands of various stakeholders, such as management or shareholders, customers, employees, and communities.

What is the solution?

Coaching offers a personalized and tailored approach to leadership development. By working with me, leaders can enhance their self-awareness, gain new perspectives, acquire practical skills, and receive support in addressing their specific challenges. This helps them become more effective and resilient leaders who can lead their organizations through change, build high-performing teams, and manage stakeholder expectations more effectively.

How does it work?

  1. Coaching Goals & Objectives: we first meet and define clear objectives as well as a definition of success to ensure mutual success for the collaboration

  2. Assessment & Feedback: this step involves gathering information and conducting assessments to gain insights into the leaders' strengths, desired areas for improvement, and potential barriers. This assessment phase may involve various methods such as interviews, surveys, psychometric assessments, or 360-degree feedback from colleagues and stakeholders. The coach analyzes the assessment results and provides feedback to the leader, highlighting key themes and areas of focus.

  3. Coaching Journey: we develop a solution tailored to the needs of the leader. A strong alliance with the client and regular check-in will ensure progress towards the objectives defined upfront.

  4. Progress Review and Evaluation: Regular check-ins are important to monitor the leader's development and measure the effectiveness of the coaching process. The coach and the leader review the progress made towards the coaching goals, discuss challenges encountered, and make any necessary adjustments to the coaching plan. This step ensures accountability, celebrates successes, and identifies opportunities for further growth. It also allows the leader and coach to reflect on the overall impact of the coaching engagement.

Your investment

Minimum CHF 5'000 for 6 months

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