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Leadership Paradox III

The Paradox of Executives

Highly reflective, creative, value based executives who will have candid conversations and give you the kind of input you can't buy anywhere! An Executive Group Coaching program designed by Executives for Executives! This program runs with 12 Executives over a period of 12 months. It mixes peer learning, individual coaching and mentoring.

Paradox III: Text

Who is this for?

At least 2 levels of leadership reporting to them, ideally responsible for the P&L of their organization

What challenges does this address?

Based on a study, we ran in November 2022, Executives reported facing the following top 5 challenges: 

  • I feel lonely in my position

  • I feel trapped in my old habits

  • I sometimes feel like an imposter

  • I don't prioritise what's most important to me

  • I challenge myself so much that I end up being exhausted

What is the solution?

To address these challenges, their preferred solutions were:

  • One on one coaching

  • One on one mentoring

  • Peer Learning / Coaching

The solution we designed below is entirely built on their feedback!

How does it work?

We form a group of 12 Executives (maximum number of participants) ideally all coming from different organisations and industries.

The program includes:

  • 5 group coaching sessions delivered remotely, 90mn each (in 2024: Jan 18th, Mar 21st, Jun 20th, Sep 19th, Nov 21st)

  • 3h Individual Coaching sessions with one of our Executive Coaches

  • 1h Individual Mentoring with our Executive Mentor

Here are some of the paradoxes the group will be able to choose from...

  • Expect it or express it

  • Let go to control

  • High in the sky or feet on the ground

  • Go slow to go fast

  • Telling or asking

  • Integrity or loyalty

  • Interior or foreign affairs

  • Work or Life

  • Autonomy or dependance

  • Freedom or Power

  • Boundaries or Community

Your investment

Super early bird: 3'500CHF* (register by Nov 15th 2023)

Early bird: 4'000CHF* (register by Dec 15th 2023)

Standard: 4'500CHF* (register by Jan 15th)

Special Rate: 2 seats at 2250CHF* for International Organizations

* This is the price by participant excluding VAT

Paradox III: List

Register now!

The program includes:

  • 5 group coaching sessions of 90mn each (in 2024: Jan 18th, Mar 21st, Jun 20th, Sep 19th, Nov 21st)

  • 3h Individual Coaching sessions with one of our Executive Coaches

  • 1h Individual Mentoring with our one and only Executive Mentor

Register by Jan 15th 2024* (maximum number of participants limited to 12)

Payment Preference

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Paradox III: Sales Lead
Paradox III: Team Members

The team behind this solution


Lena Moll

Executive Coach

Lena is a leadership coach, facilitator, trainer and mediator who is guided through life by following her joy and her drive for purpose. For 16 years, she worked with the UN and other International Organizations where she supported leaders on all levels to bring out the best in themselves and their teams and thereby create a more effective, enabling, and kinder work environment, better equipped to meet the world’s challenges.


Frédéric Istas

Executive Mentor

Frédéric Istas served as the Senior Vice President of the Earthmoving Division for over five years. In this role, he oversaw a diverse product portfolio with an annual revenue of approximately $8 billion and led a global team of over 9,500 employees, achieving significant financial and operational success. His journey at Caterpillar began in 1996, and he held various roles involving service engineering, parts, service sales, and dealer support. Frédéric is a Belgian and Swiss national, bringing a wealth of international experience to his roles. He is the founder and owner of Istas Consulting, Board Member and Executive Mentor.


Pilo Verdon

Executive Coach

Pilo (Pierre-Laurent Verdon) has 25 years of global leadership experience. He has practiced leadership for 20 years in a fortune 100 company. In 2020, he started his leadership coaching company to provide leaders with time and space to create newness in the world. He has focused his work on coaching gifted leaders with a strong sense of purpose. He is the founder of and the co-founder of leadership-paradox©

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