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Working with you, the CEO, and your Executive Committee to build a team dynamic that will help you leave a legacy.

We combine our years of international leadership, corporate experience, executive coaching and team coaching as well as top level mentoring to help you transform the dynamic at the top. It all starts from the top...

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Who is this for?

Executive Committee Solutions for CEOs

What challenges does this address?

Over the years, we have witnessed the impact of poor team dynamic and leadership effectiveness at the highest level of an organization. This drives significant levels of dissatisfaction among all parties involved: customers, employees, board and shareholders.

  • Financial Impact: A study by Korn Ferry of 400 companies found that those with the highest executive committee dysfunction had on average 11% lower 3-year revenue growth and 9% lower 3-year profit growth compared to companies with high functioning executive teams

  • Employee Morale: Dysfunction and unhealthy conflict within the executive committee has a demoralizing effect on employees throughout the organization. A survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity found 52% of employees cited executive team problems as a key factor causing low morale

  • Corporate Reputation: Reputational damage directly impacts share price and market value. A study by Willis Towers Watson found companies with the poorest executive committee reputations saw share prices drop by an average of 10% over a 6-month period.

  • Strategic Decision Making: A study from McKinsey finds companies with poor executive teams generated 35% fewer new products and services compared to competitors. Another study by Booz Allen Hamilton shows Companies with the lowest ranked executive teams were on average 40% slower in responding to competitive and market threats

We believe that developing leaders individually and/or as a team at the highest level of the organization can have the greatest impact on organisational effectiveness by increasing human engagement and motivation around a defined and meaningful purpose. It also reduces waste of energy and resources due to unhealthy conflicts or absence of leadership.

What is the solution?

We are specialized in developing Executive Committees. We work with the CEO, direct reports and the entire executive committee to boost collaboration, effectiveness and impact. We use a range of skills, experiences and best practices to work with individuals, colleagues and teams to optimize the executive leadership team at the top of an organization.

We can work at different levels:

  • Directly with the CEO (newly appointed, board requirements, personal leadership development, relationships within or outside the organization…)

  • Individually with CEO direct reports (performance management, newly appointed, potential development / acceleration, managing up, down and/or laterally…)

  • With the team (trust, conflict management, accountability, shared purpose…)

If needed, we can scale solutions to the broader organization by leveraging our teams.

How does it work?

  1. Diagnostic: we run a diagnostic in collaboration with the CEO of the organization and possibly additional interviews.

  2. Solution: we develop a solution in close collaboration with the CEO

  3. Execution: we implement the solution as agreed with CEO and team members involved

  4. Review: we review progress, results and possibly co-create a next phase

Your investment

Bespoke solution after an interview with the CEO

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The team behind this solution


Frederic Istas

Executive Mentor

Over the course of the last three decades Frédéric Istas worked for three prominent multinational corporations and reside in six different countries across two continents. Throughout this diverse and enriching journey, he gained significant leadership acumen through a multitude of roles spanning various functional domains.

For the last 5 ½  years he was the Senior Vice President of Caterpillar Inc.'s Earthmoving Division. As the P&L owner of one of the largest divisions of Caterpillar, with an annual revenue of ~$8bn, he had worldwide design, manufacturing and support responsibility for a very large portfolio of Caterpillar construction and paving products. Over that time he successfully provided leadership to a globally deployed team of over 9’500 employees, 11 manufacturing facilities and 3 engineering centers.

His ability to lead and inspire teams, whether small and localized or expansive and global, comprising members from diverse cultural backgrounds, educational qualifications, and professional experiences, sets him apart as an ideal partner for executives seeking to fortify their own leadership journey. He is firmly committed to empowering leaders to accomplish their financial, operational, and people-centric objectives, fostering collective growth and success within their organizations.


Pilo Verdon

Executive Coach

Pilo has 20 years of global leadership experience within a large industrial equipment manufacturer (Fortune 100). Leading a global team, he has served as a Sales & Marketing Director with teams operating in every continent in the world. 
Pilo has a proven track record in engaging teams to drive change and deliver results. Throughout his career, Pilo has developed his leadership skills in emotional intelligence, team dynamics and collective intelligence, individual and team coaching. Pilo’s experience in leading a business makes him a strong partner to executives, business leaders and HR Professionals to increase team engagement and performance through individual and team coaching as well as leadership training and development.

As of 2020, Pilo has developed a leadership coaching company. He is the co-founder of the leadership-paradox© program who was attended by more than 120 leaders, the co-founder of a coaching digital platform for large teams with the CS-Collective© and has supported a number of senior leadership teams through system coaching. He is a Co-Active & ORSC Coaching practitioner, PCC Certified by ICF and DISC Certified by Erudia. He teaches leadership at the Master / MBA program of CREA-EBS (Business School in Geneva).

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