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This message is for leaders who feel constrained to grow… they are looking for a bigger pot!

Nature is our best teacher...

... I have been worried about my terrarium over the last few weeks… as the green leaves kept growing. I have been feeling proud of it healthy growth totally identifying myself to it! Then, I started to worry because it could not grow anymore in its space. The solution was easy… a bigger pot! Then, I started to do a bit of research and discovered that a terrarium cannot be repotted. The only solution is pruning (cutting its leaves).

Then… it made me think… I have approached growth for myself as doing more, not doing less. More time, more work, more resources, more efforts… in the same container "a priori" (time and space). How could growth be approached from a “less” perspective rather than a “more” perspective? What if growth was a lot more about creating space by doing less? What does that open up to? What ideas? What innovation? What simplification?

What about you… what do you take-away from my little plant?

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