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We help top leaders bring their gift to the world

Each time we meet is an opportunity to take time and space to create newness in the world

We work together to discover your unique self, the challenges you face as leaders in the workplace and in your personal life, strategies to leverage your numerous talents, feel wholly accepted and contribute by bringing your gift to the world.

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What do Clients say about their experience?

Pierre-Laurent is an exceptional individual and a great coach. I had the privilege to attend one of his courses and I can honestly say that his approach, delivery method and ability to transfer knowledge and understanding are remarkable. He coached me throughout a period of almost three months and I can honestly say that his course has indeed helped me greatly become a better individual, but also a better leader to my team.
I highly recommend him as a coach, if you get the chance!
Thanks a lot for everything, Pilo! (Linked-In Recommendation)

Nikolaos Tosiou, Chief CTI @OSCE

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Organizations Whose Leaders Have Entrusted Me To Serve Them

Over the years, in my leadership and coaching capacity, I had the privilege to work with a number of organisations. Please find a sample attached below...

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