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Stop thanking people, start being grateful

This morning I was listening to a podcast about Vladimir Jankélévitch and his Traité des vertus. I've never totally understood this philosopher but always felt quite familiar with him... maybe that is because we share the same passion for music. In his book, he makes a clear distinction between thanking someone with a "thank you" and "being grateful".

Thank you is closed and ends the communication. It is given and does not really expect anything else than "you're welcome". There is politeness but not necessarily care beyond the exchange of service. "Being grateful" is open, indefinite and followed by 3 dots... it supposes an endless appreciation, care, love for the recipient of that gratefulness. When recognising someone at home or at work, what about telling them what makes you grateful about them or their work and leave them with the long lasting impact of the ellipsis points...

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